Look Feminine When You Go to Campus Using These 5 Lipstick Colors!

Want to make your makeup look feminine when you go to college? Choosing the right lipstick color will make your makeup look feminine, you know. This feminine makeup look will make you look cuter and more natural. So you have to be smart in choosing the right color to produce feminine makeup and you also have to adjust it to your skin tone. Come on, find out 5 lipstick colors that can make you look feminine while on campus!

1. Peach color lipstick to make it look fresh

The coral color which is a combination of peach and pink colors produces a fresh look. Because coral color can increase skin tone, so it won’t look dull when wearing this lipstick. Even if you have tan skin, you can still look beautiful with this coral lipstick. Coral color is a lipstick color that is widely used by Korean women because it gives a natural, fresh and feminine impression, in accordance with their makeup trend, namely no makeup makeup look.

2. Pink lipstick with a touch of orange is suitable for fair skin

For those of you who have white skin, you can use pink lipstick with a touch of orange. This color will look beautiful on your skin and will give a feminine impression to your makeup. In addition, this lipstick color will not make your white skin look pale. You can choose lipstick with a matte or satin finish.

3. Gradient red lipstick for Korean makeup look lovers

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