9 Tips for Choosing Foods for a Japanese Woman’s Natural Diet

Diet is an activity that is most desired by women, but it is difficult to do because delicious food always hypnotizes them all. Why does this topic have to imitate Japanese citizens? The reason is […]

Diet is an activity that is most desired by women, but it is difficult to do because delicious food always hypnotizes them all. Why does this topic have to imitate Japanese citizens? The reason is the Japanese population has the lowest obesity (overweight) rate of all countries.

If you think that Japanese people, both women and men, don’t go on a diet, which is what Indonesia does to death. The food they eat is barely there, so what causes them not to get fat? The first is indeed the regulation of waist obesity of 85 cm and women 90 cm, if you exceed the limit, you will be fined or follow a diet program, but don’t think that they violate a lot, the majority of Japanese countries are punctual, and obedient. The second reason is that the food they eat is 80% natural and 20% free.

There are many foods in our environment, but we do not understand the vitamin content in the food we eat. Even though it’s already done, there’s nothing wrong with knowing the foods to diet, so that later your diet program can run perfectly. On this page I focus on the type of food for diet only, while for a healthy Japanese lifestyle you can read here. Japanese healthy lifestyle plus food tips for diet can result in weight loss of about 3-5 kilos in 1 month, so it is very good for those of you who are on a diet program.

The following types of foods are good for a natural diet:

1. Green Tea

Green tea is very beneficial as a weight loss, because the nature of the content of green tea is to destroy fat. Drink tea with food, don’t wait long until the food is processed by the digestive system and change the habit of drinking coffee to drinking green tea.

2. Cabbage

In undergoing a diet program, cabbage can act as weight loss. Cabbage can be used as a food soup. As reported on food.detik.com diet using cabbage soup can lose up to 4.5 kilograms in a week.

3. Spinach

Spinach has more than 10 percent fiber which is good in helping your daily diet program. For a diet, you can process spinach into vegetables, juice added with honey or low-fat milk.

4. Seaweed

In Japan, seaweed is commonly referred to as vegetables, in contrast to Indonesia, which calls it a mixture of dawet ice. The benefits of seaweed are almost the same as green tea, namely breaking down fat cells. Tips for processing food for the diet can be processed into vegetables, juice, seaweed shusi, or sweet potatoes steamed with seaweed.

5. Sweet potato

Sweet potatoes have the same carbohydrates as rice. As reported by health.detik.com, for the diet, sweet potatoes are used as a substitute for rice which is believed to reduce 6.5 kilograms. This is also the same for Japanese people, they consume food in the form of sweet potatoes first, if there is none they are forced to replace it with rice.

6. Salmon

Fish is a mandatory food for Japanese people, why is that? Fish fat is different from beef or chicken fat, beef fat contains saturated/thick fat while fish fat is liquid in the form of omega 3, therefore Japanese people prefer to hunt fish fat instead of beef fat. For processing food for diet, you don’t need to bother, just cook fish in general, or make sushi. But if you have a lot of time, look for salmon because it contains sufficient nutrition to meet your activity needs.

7. Wheat

Wheat is rich in fiber which can help your digestive system. Some nutritionists also recommend consuming foods containing wheat because it can bind bad cholesterol which is good for the diet.

8. Soybean

Soybeans contain omega 3, iron and calcium which are good for the diet because they are rich in vitamins. Tips for processing soybeans for diet can be juiced, mixed with low-calorie sugar, but you need to remember if you want to buy soy milk in plastic packaging sold in the market because instead of the benefits of the diet you get but fall ill, because soybeans sold in the market contain a number of bad bacteria .

9. Banana Fruit

Not only in terms of vegetables, the fruit that provides benefits for the diet is bananas, many Japanese residents report that the use of bananas helps in losing weight. For the Indonesian-style diet, you usually use apples because they contain vitamin C and have cholesterol-fighting properties.